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Payday Loans  

Payday loans are short-term cash advances that bridge the gap between your immediate financial needs and your next paycheck. They play a crucial role in offering quick cash for unexpected costs. Take care of medical bills, car repairs, or other urgent expenses. 

Getting the cash you need is simple. Choose your desired amount, ranging between $100 - $1,500, and you can receive easy approval. Then, use your funds for any expense and repay back your loan with your next paycheck. 

How do you qualify? Be the legal age of majority in your province, have a steady income, and have an active bank account. Even if you have bad credit or no credit history, you’re still eligible and should consider applying for a loan. 

People of all credit types successfully use urgent loans to manage financial emergencies. More recently, Canadians have been using them for groceries, rent, and other day-to-day essentials. 

Rising living costs are making everyday expenses difficult to manage. But, loans for payday offer a reliable solution. With a short duration and fast funding, they provide the flexibility needed to manage your finances without causing any long-term financial strain. 

Think about it - imagine covering your car repair costs without worrying about how you’ll pay for it.  Be happy with the sensation that comes with knowing, with relief, that you have enough in your wallet to support yourself without having to worry about an astronomical bank balance. At this very important moment of your life, short-term financing comes to your rescue!

Payday Loan 

Never taken out a payday loan before? The process is simple. It starts with finding a lending company you can trust. It’s important for ensuring a safe, transparent, and fair borrowing experience.  

Look for a lender with positive reviews, clear terms and conditions, and a strong commitment to customer service. They should guide you through the application process, clearly explain the repayment terms, and provide support for any questions you might have. 

Online lending platforms, such as iCash, are gaining trust among Canadians. They provide a more flexible and user-friendly approach, allowing for quick applications, fast approvals, and 2-minute funding. That’s less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee! 

Ready to get started? Apply using the loan application on the web or the mobile loan app. Provide some personal and financial information, including your income. Most lenders require a minimum net income of $800 per month. 

Don’t make a traditional salary? Income from self-employment, government benefits, and pension payments are also acceptable. Plus with 24/7 access, you can get cash whenever you need it - including weekends and holidays!

Don’t wait! Rapid financial assistance is a click away. Secure your loan in minutes with the mobile app or online form.

What is a Payday Loan? 

A payday loan provides short-term funds for individuals of all credit types. You may borrow up to $1,500 and use the funds for various expenses, ranging from emergencies to day-to-day essentials. Re-pay with your next paycheck or up to the maximum 62-day period. 

Short-term loan amounts are beneficial if you only need a small sum of money to ease temporary financial difficulties. You’ll also avoid the hassle and cost of having to borrow large amounts of money. 

A perfect example would be if an accidental dental bill arises. You could use this small-sized cash advance to cover the cost until your next paycheck arrives. This can help you avoid expensive late fees or overdraft charges from your bank.

Once you receive your next paycheck, you can repay in full and move on without carrying the burden of a larger debt. Of course, failure to repay on time can result in additional fees. Always consider your ability to repay before borrowing money. 

Where to get a payday loan?

Privately owned storefronts and online lenders are common sources of payday loans. They must follow specific regulations depending on your province or territory. Before moving forward with any company, ensure it holds valid licenses for your region. 

You can also consider applying online, where you can compare multiple lenders at once and potentially find competitive rates and terms. However, it’s essential to do thorough research before providing any personal information and agreeing to terms. 

Choosing an online loan company with a secure platform and trustworthy reputation is important. Look for customer reviews and ratings, as well as contact information and privacy policies on the company’s website. A lender should also clearly display its license on the website, along with repayment terms, interest rates, and any additional fees. 

Feeling confident in your chosen provider is key. You are trusting them with sensitive information. If you’re unsure or feel uncomfortable about any aspect of the funding process, explore alternatives such as asking family for support or seeking financial assistance from a non-profit organization.

How much does a payday loan cost?

Costs will vary by province. These are higher-cost loans, with interest rates ranging from $15-$17 for every $100 borrowed. Some lenders may charge additional fees for processing, late payments, or loan renewals.

 How much does a payday loan cost?

The above chart illustrates the maximum charges for every $100 borrowed across various Canadian provinces. 

Below is a breakdown of regulations and payday loan costs by province. It includes the maximum cost of borrowing, the cooling-off period cancellations, and the maximum penalty for a returned pre-authorized debit payment.


Max. Charge for $100 Loan

Cooling-Off Period

Max. Penalty for Returned Payment



2 business days


British Columbia


2 business days




48 hours, not including Sundays/holidays


New Brunswick


48 hours, not including Sundays/holidays


Newfoundland and Labrador


2 business days


Nova Scotia


Next business day

$40 (for defaults)



2 business days


Prince Edward Island


2 business days

Not applicable



Next business day


Staying informed about these loans gives you an advantage when managing your finances. Always understand the rules and regulations that lenders must follow, as well as your rights and responsibilities as a borrower. 

Remember, you should only use these loans as a temporary solution. Never rely on them for long-term financial stability. If you find yourself repeatedly needing monetary support, it may be time to seek financial counselling or make a budget to address underlying issues.

Payday Loans Canada

Payday loans Canada serves as a reliable resource for individuals needing quick cash. These loans, legislated under provincial regulations, offer a fast and efficient way to manage any type of small expense.

With transparent fees and capped interest rates, feel confident choosing this option. Provinces across the country adopt measures to protect you from unfair lending practices. This framework not only enhances your borrowing experience but also gives you more confidence in choosing a lending institution to do business with. 

You may also have the option of installment plan loans. Available in some provinces, they allow you to divide payments over a set period. This makes it easier to manage your budget alongside your loan payments. 

Below is the breakdown of iCash Canada repayment terms by province:


Repayment Options

British Columbia

2 or 3 repayments based on pay frequency, no additional fees, up to 62 days.


2 to 7 repayments according to pay schedule at zero extra cost; ranges between 42 to 62 days.


One repayment only.

New Brunswick

Possibility of 2 or 3 repayments, following pay schedule. No extra costs, maximum of 62 days.

Nova Scotia

One repayment only.


Allows 2 or 3 repayments by pay cycle. No additional fees, up to 62 days.

Prince Edward Island

2 or 3 repayments based on pay frequency. No additional fees, up to 62 days.

Payday Loans Near Me

If you’re looking for loan places near me, you’ve probably discovered both in-store and online lenders. Both are viable options and provide you with the financial assistance you need. 

In-store providers allow for face-to-face interactions and offer quick access to cash that traditional bank loans cannot. This option is helpful for those who prefer a personal touch. 

Keep in mind most lending offices operate within traditional business hours. This means they may not be available outside of regular business hours or on weekends. If you need emergency funding in the middle of the night or on a weekend, consider online lenders who offer round-the-clock services.

Online funding has become the most convenient option available. Apply from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you are. 24/7 accessibility means you can get cash at any time, day or night. 

With this option, you have a range of lenders to choose from. Compare interest rates, repayment terms, and customer reviews to ensure the best borrowing experience. For example, iCash reviews highlight excellent customer service and fast loan disbursement.

payday loan

e-Transfer Payday Loans Canada 24/7  

e-Transfer payday loans Canada 24/7 are digital loans available at all hours of the day. Many lenders now offer this option, providing you with the convenience of being able to apply and receive funds whenever you want.  It’s helpful if you have an urgent expense to cover outside of regular business hours. 

With e-Transfer loans in Canada, the sky's the limit in terms of usage. Use the funds for a variety of purposes, including paying bills, covering unexpected expenses, or making a special purchase. Even if you need a small amount of cash to avoid a costly overdraft fee or late payment charge, email loans are a useful solution. 

There’s nothing more instant than an e-loan. With traditional funding, you have to wait days for an approval decision and processing. With digital loans, receive funds immediately upon approval. 

See the various ways customers have used a fast e-Transfer loan to help them in a pinch: 

  • Jen, a single mom from Ontario used electronic funding to cover back-to-school essentials for her children. She purchased everything her children needed for the new school year without having to stress about not having enough funds.

  • Kimberly, an Alberta resident, chose digital loans to pay for wedding-related expenses. She got the funds she needed and appreciated the transparent rates and terms for easy repayment.

  • Frank, from PEI, went through a difficult financial time right before his daughter’s birthday. But, with the help of an email loan, he was able to give his daughter the birthday celebration of her dreams. A few simple clicks were all it took to create her memorable experience!

  • Dina, a BC resident, needed a new refrigerator. She didn’t have time to wait, so the 24/7 digital loan process was the best option. She received $1,500 in 2 minutes and purchased her new appliance the same day.

    e-Transfer Payday Loans Canada 24/7

No Refusal Payday Loans Canada

No refusal payday loans in Canada come with low refusal rates. If you’ve faced credit rejection in the past, don’t stress! Your approval chances are high with these types of loans. 

Keep in mind the term “no refusal” doesn’t mean 100% approval. The truth is no reputable lender can guarantee funding. They can, however, offer loans with high approval rates and minimal eligibility criteria. 

As long as you provide proof of steady income and residency, and are the legal age of majority, you have an excellent chance of getting the cash you need. This makes a no-refusal loan ideal for borrowers with bad credit or no credit at all. 

Interested in no refusal payday loans 24/7? Always consider working with a reputable provider. It starts with ensuring the lender holds valid licenses in the province and that they operate within the rules and regulations of the industry. 

You should also check that the lender works alongside the Canadian Consumer Finance Association. This association sets standards and rules that members must adhere to. It gives you an extra layer of protection and the peace of mind of knowing you’re dealing with a responsible company.

When considering these loans, remember that your financial well-being is a priority. Working with a trustworthy company will give you the best opportunity for a positive borrowing experience. Address your immediate financial needs without compromising your long-term financial health.

Online Payday Loans

Online payday loans are short-duration advances that help with urgent expenses. They provide you with immediate cash without the complexity and wait times of traditional loans. Unlike conventional lending methods, payday loans online don’t require complicated documentation or extensive credit evaluations. 

Experience a simple digital application, fast approvals, and streamlined e-Transfers. Plus, with easy-to-meet requirements, borrowers of all financial backgrounds can apply. Good credit, bad credit, or no credit history at all - easy online loans are among the most inclusive forms of borrowing. 

Online lenders provide fast advances that are convenient and accessible. Plus, with the added benefit of 24/7 availability, there are no time restrictions on when you can apply for a loan and receive your funds. Online funding is paving the way for a more efficient borrowing experience. 

Mobile lending apps are also becoming increasingly popular, giving you the power to manage your loan in the palm of your hand. Now, you can download the app, select your desired amount, and receive funds via e-Transfer in 2 minutes or less. You can also access real-time updates and manage your repayment schedule all from the convenience of your mobile device. 

Lending apps and websites also use advanced encryption technology to protect your personal information. Never should you wonder “Is iCash legit?” again. Our systems employ 256-bit SSL encoded bank level security.

It’s never been easier to find cash online. Unable to leave your home? No problem - get funds while binge-watching your favourite TV series!

Need money on the go? Mobile lending apps turn your smartphone into an ATM! Get up to $1,500, any time, anywhere. 

Payday Loans No Credit Check

Payday loans with no credit check are accessible to people of all credit types. They allow for easier access to funds for those who have a poor credit score or no credit at all. You can get up to $1,500 in instant cash, regardless of your financial background. 

Second chance lenders understand that your financial past doesn’t always reflect your current ability to repay. They also understand that people who haven’t established credit sometimes struggle to find traditional funding options. That’s why no credit check loans are a practical solution. 

You shouldn’t confuse loans without credit evaluations with no requirements at all. Alternative credit providers have certain criteria you must meet. This includes having a steady source of income, a valid bank account, proof of residency, and being the legal age of majority in your province. 

Lenders may also conduct a soft credit check to verify your identity, but this won’t affect your credit score or your approval chances. This is different from a hard credit check, which can impact your credit and be visible to other lenders. Above all else, understanding how these loans work helps you navigate the process with more confidence. 

Payday Advance Loans No Credit Check

Payday advance loans with no credit check give you advanced cash without stringent credit requirements. Much like other forms of short-duration credit, they offer a convenient way for individuals to access emergency funds. This is especially important if you cannot secure traditional forms of credit. 

Advance loans with low requirements are ideal for individuals with varying income sources, low credit scores, or no credit history. Traditionally, lenders base their approval decisions on credit history, employment status, and other financial factors. This makes it difficult for those with unstable credit or unconventional sources of income to secure funding.

However, with a cash advance loan, access funds without worrying about your credit score or financial history. Alternative lenders accept all credit types and income sources, including self-employment income, government benefit payments, and even unemployment (EI) benefits. It’s an inclusive option for those who may not qualify for traditional forms of credit.

If you collect disability benefits and need fast access to cash, advance loans with no credit check can be the perfect solution. If you’re a young adult who hasn’t established a solid credit history, this type of loan can help you build your financial profile. Whatever your situation, there are financing options available.

Instant Payday Loans

Instant payday loans stand out for their speed and immediacy. They provide a rapid solution to urgent financial needs. Unlike traditional loan processes that involve long applications and waiting periods, instant loans for payday offer quick access to cash. 

There are no documents, paperwork, bank statements, or in-person visits needed. Complete the entire process online - and within minutes! It’s the most realistic option if you need quick cash and don’t have the time or means to go through the traditional loan application steps. 

Immediate funding loans also cater to individual needs. They offer personalized dollar amounts based on income and financial situation. You’ll never have to worry about taking on too much debt you can’t comfortably repay! 

If you need $100 to cover your next grocery bill or $1,500 to purchase a new laptop, you’ll find customized options that fit your needs. Simply choose your instant loan provider, request your desired amount, and receive funds via e-Transfer in minutes. Online lenders send cash 24/7, giving you the best access to cash when you need it most. 

Payday Loans Bad Credit

Payday loans for bad credit borrowers are available 24/7. They offer you a second chance at getting cash, regardless of your credit rating. Your credit background won’t be a factor in the approval process, as long as you demonstrate your ability to repay the loan. 

In Canada, a poor credit score is anything below 650. Many traditional lenders will not consider giving money to people with this score. This makes it difficult for them to access emergency funds. 

Being in a difficult credit situation isn’t always a result of financial irresponsibility. Life happens, and unexpected expenses arise at any time. A medical emergency, car repair, or job loss can lead to missed payments and a lower credit rating. 

Remember, always check your credit score and take steps to improve it. This can include paying off outstanding debt, making all payments on time, and keeping your credit utilization ratio low. Both Equifax and TransUnion provide free credit reports that you can access online. 

If you suspect an error on your records, you have the right to dispute and correct it. This can help improve your credit score and make it easier to obtain funding, other than low credit loans, in the future.  

Payday Loans Requirements

Knowing the payday loan requirements can help you decide if it’s right for you. While each lender may have different criteria, you’ll need to meet the following criteria when applying with iCash:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older (19 years of age or older in British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia).

  • Be a resident of any of the provinces we operate in.

  • Have a steady net income of $800 or more per month. We accept income from various sources, including employment income, self-employment income, government benefit payments, pensions, etc. 

  • Prove you receive the same source of income for the past 3 months.

  • Have access to a bank account with online banking capabilities. 

  • Have a valid home address, email, and mobile phone number (we do not accept VoIP numbers). 

These easy-to-meet iCash loan requirements make them accessible to a wide range of borrowers. You don't need collateral or perfect credit, and there's no long wait for approval. Get your money and get back to what you enjoy most. 

Type of Payday Loans 

There are various types of payday loans available. Alternative lenders understand that no two financial situations are the same. That’s why they offer a variety of options to cater to different needs. 

Some common small loan options that are available to you include: 

Type of Loan

What’s It All About?

Same Day Loans

Receive funds on the same day of approval. These loans provide a quick iCash payment of up to $1,500 for emergencies or urgent expenses.

Guaranteed Loans

They come with a very high approval rate. Borrowers have an excellent chance of receiving funds, despite their credit history or income level.

Faxless Loans

Allows for a complete online experience. There’s no need for faxing documents or filling out extensive paperwork. Plus, you can apply and receive funds from anywhere!

Government Benefits Loans

Designed for individuals receiving government benefits, offering them an option to borrow based on their benefit payments.

Vacation Loans

Tailored for financing last-minute travel expenses. They provide immediate funds 24/7. 

Installment Plan Loans

Allows for multiple repayment options for easier loan management. 

Best Payday Loans

Funding with competitive rates, transparent terms, and high approval chances. It’s highlighted by customer reviews and ratings.

Payday Loans Interest Rate

Payday loans interest rate is a fixed fee for every $100 borrowed. The fee can vary depending on the province you live in and the lender you choose. In Canada, the average interest rate payday loans ranged from 15% to 25%.

Regulations across Canadian provinces cap the amount loan places can charge. This makes repayment more manageable for you. For example, in Ontario, the maximum charge for a $100 loan for 14 days is $15. 

This regulatory framework ensures that while you get the fast financial assistance you need, the terms remain transparent. It gives you a level of predictability in your budgeting so that you properly calculate your loan payments and stay on top of your financial obligations. 

Knowing exactly how much your advance costs also gives you more confidence in managing your repayment. An iCash interest rate, for example, is clearly laid out for the borrower. There are no hidden fees or complicated terms. 

You'll also benefit from a cooling-off period, which gives you time to reconsider your loan. It gives you a chance to cancel if you decide it's not right for you, without facing any penalties. It's an extra layer of protection that ensures you're making the best decision for your financial health. 


Interest Rate

British Columbia

$15 per $100 borrowed (15%)


$15 per $100 borrowed (15%)


$17 per $100 borrowed (17%)


$15 per $100 borrowed (15%)

New Brunswick

$15 per $100 borrowed (15%)

Nova Scotia

$15 per $100 borrowed (15%)


$15 per $100 borrowed (15%)

Borrowing costs are a percentage of the amount you borrow, often shown in dollars to make it clearer. This means you'll always know exactly how much you need to pay back.

In British Columbia, for example, you can repay a 14-day loan in 2 to 3 easy payments. If you borrow $300, you can pay it back over three payments of $115 each, or in one full payment of $345. Either way, your total cost of borrowing is $45 on a $300 loan for 14 days.

When comparing funding options, look at iCash vs. others. You'll want to look beyond headline interest rates and ensure all lending terms are visible. We distinguish ourselves with transparency, ensuring borrowers understand everything without the worry of hidden fees or complicated terms. 

Staying informed on these elements is an essential part of a positive borrowing experience. Before moving forward with any lender, ensure you feel confident in the interest rates, fees, and borrowing terms. 

How Payday Loans Work

Knowing how payday loans work will help know if they are right for you. If you’re a new borrower or need a refresher, here’s a breakdown of the process and how it works.

  1. Application: Go to and fill out the digital application. Include some information such as your income level and contact details. Then, select your loan amount, and submit.

  2. Approval: Your application goes through a fast verification process, with an approval decision available almost immediately. This usually involves income verification to determine your repayment ability.

  3. Funding: Receive 24/7 funds via e-Transfer within minutes of approval. Use the money as soon as you get it - and for whatever smaller expense you need to cover!

  4. Repayment: Repay the loan amount plus associated interest with your next paycheck. You have up to 62 days to repay if you need it. 

These loans, in general, work the same across Canada. You may have more or less time to repay depending on the province. Some providers may also offer an early repayment option with no additional fees. This allows you to save money on interest by paying off the credit sooner. 

How to Pay Back a Payday Loan

Knowing how to pay back a payday loan is important. This ensures that you avoid any unnecessary fees or penalties. The most common way to repay your advance is through pre-authorized debit transactions or an easy e-Transfer. 

If you want to know how to pay back iCash loans, here’s a simple three-step process:

Step 1:   Choose Repayment Plan 

Select a repayment plan that fits your financial needs. Depending on your location, you may have the option of one lump sum payment or multiple installment payments. Consider what works best for your budget to ensure timely payments. 

Step 2: Set Up Payment Method

After choosing your payment plan, set up your preferred payment method. You can choose repayments through pre-authorized debit transactions directly from your bank account or via e-Transfer. Decide on the method that offers the most convenience and reliability. 

Step 3: Communicate With Us

Open communication is key. If you encounter any financial challenges during the repayment period, contact us right away. We’ll provide proper advice, adjust your payment plan if necessary, and help you navigate through any difficulties to avoid penalties. Plus, if you decide you want to repay early, let us know. You won’t incur any additional fees or prepayment penalties. 

Another important aspect of paying back a loan is budgeting. Always ensure you have a plan in place for how to repay what you owe. This could mean cutting back on unnecessary expenses or finding additional sources of income to cover the repayment amount. 

It’s also important to avoid taking out multiple payday loans or working with a lender that allows you to. This can lead to a cycle of debt that may be difficult to break. If you find yourself struggling to repay an advance, look for debt management resources or additional programs to help you get back on track. 

Getting easy payback loans ensures a smooth and stress-free borrowing experience. With responsible borrowing, proper budgeting, and timely repayment, you can use them as helpful financial resources when you need extra cash.

Payday Loans in Canada

Payday Loans Frequently Asked Questions  

What is a payday advance loan? 

It’s exactly what it sounds like - a short-term, small-dollar advance used to cover expenses between paychecks. Repay with your next paycheck, usually within two weeks. They are also referred to as cash advances, payroll loans, or payday loans. 

Can debt consolidation help with payday loans?

Yes, you can use debt consolidation to manage and pay off your payday loans. Debt consolidation involves combining multiple debts into one, usually with manageable payments. You should be careful when using this option, as it may lead to additional fees. 

Taking out a loan you can comfortably repay is a better option. By working with a lender that offers competitive rates and repayment plans, you’ll avoid the need for debt consolidation in the first place. Reputable loan providers will offer an amount that is within your means and will not lead you to a cycle of unmanageable debt. 

How much would a $500 loan cost? 

The cost of a $500 loan depends on the province you live in. Interest rates and fees vary by province, so it’s important to understand the total cost of borrowing in your province. 

For example, in Ontario, the maximum total cost of borrowing for a $500 loan is $15 per $100 borrowed. This means that for a $500 loan for 14 days, you would pay back $575. 

Can you get two payday loans at the same time? 

It’s not recommended to have two at the same time. Taking out multiple loans can lead to a cycle of debt and make it difficult to pay off on time. All reputable loan providers will require you to pay off your current loan before taking out a new one. 

What is the maximum amount I can borrow with a payday loan? 

You can borrow up to a maximum of $1,500. The specific amount you can borrow will depend on your income level. Only borrow what you can comfortably afford to repay. You should also compare loan providers to find the best option; look for competitive rates and transparent terms. 

Are payday loans legal in Canada? 

Yes! They are legal and regulated by the provincial governments. Each province has regulations and laws surrounding payday lending. Familiarize yourself with the rules in your province to ensure an informed borrowing experience. 

Some provinces have restrictions on rates and fees, while others may require lenders to hold valid licenses and registrations. When in doubt, research and choose a reputable lender that complies with all provincial laws. 

How long does it take to get approved for a payday loan?

2 minutes! Online lenders, like iCash, streamline the application steps. They use advanced software to quickly assess your eligibility and provide an instant decision. Upon approval, receive funds in minutes via e-Transfer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

What happens if I can’t repay my loan on time? 

If you cannot repay on time, contact your loan provider immediately. Ignoring this issue can lead to additional fees that can accumulate quickly. Depending on the province you live in, there may be options available such as a repayment plan or loan extension. 

Failure to repay can lead to credit score damage or make it more difficult to secure one in the future. Always borrow responsibly and only seek short-term financial assistance if you are confident in your ability to repay. 

iCash Payday Loans

All iCash payday loans make managing unexpected expenses a breeze. Designed with you in mind, we offer a straightforward financial solution in minutes. Take care of your financial obligations without stress or delay. 

When you apply online or through the iCash app, you'll find a process that's quick, convenient, and secure. Whether you’re in the middle of a busy work day or unable to leave your home, our loans are accessible anytime, anywhere. 

We also value your trust and ensure you're always informed about the terms of your loan and repayment options. This includes a clear explanation of fees, interest rates, and repayment schedules before you commit. Our approach prioritizes transparency and responsibility, helping you to make the most of your funding choices.

Still unsure if an instant loan is right for you? We’re available to offer any assistance you need. Contact us through the app or via the iCash phone number. 

If you’re ready to start the process, we got you covered! Begin by installing the mobile loans app on your device. Let iCash pay for your expenses with an easy loan of up to $1,500!

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How to get a payday loan today


Apply Online

Getting a payday loan online with us is quick and easy! Select your desired loan amount, repayment plan* and provide a few personal details.

Sign up and apply online or on our app.

Instant Approval

Our online payday loan application will tell you if you’re approved instantly. If you are, you just need to electronically sign your agreement. That’s it!

Get a decision instantly after completing our paperless loan application.

Get Funds

Once you digitally sign your agreement, your payday loan will be sent by e-Transfer within 2 minutes. Funds are sent 24/7, no matter what.

Receive your money by e-Transfer within minutes of signing your agreement.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I get a payday loan?
You can get a payday loan from a private lender. It can be a traditional loan store or an online lender; either way, you will probably find several available in your area if you do a quick online search.
To get a payday loan, you must submit your application and wait for the lender's response. With loan stores, that means going there in person within working hours to apply and then wait for your request to be analyzed. If you opt for an online lender like iCash, you can apply from home, and we will have an instant decision for you!
Are payday loans safe?
Payday loans are safe as long as you deal with a serious and reputable lender like iCash. You need a private lender that meets all the requirements to lend money in your province.
This is one of the primary aspects you need to check during your initial research. Choose a lender that offers complete transparency regarding the terms and conditions, licenses, reviews, but also their contact information in case you need assistance.
How much can I borrow with an e-Transfer payday loan?
You can borrow up to $1,500 if you are a Canadian resident. But that's the maximum amount; the exact value is calculated for each application in particular. The amounts and fees may vary depending on the province and territory.
Your lender will determine the maximum amount you can receive based on the information you provide in the loan application.
You may be approved for an amount smaller than the one you requested. That's not necessarily a bad thing, as you wouldn't want to access a loan you cannot pay. To estimate the amount the right amount for you, use our payday loan budget calculator.
Can I get approved for a payday loan with bad credit?
Yes, you can get approved for a payday loan with bad credit because private lenders don't consider it crucial. Unlike banks and traditional financial institutions, lenders like iCash use different assessment criteria.
We still check your credit, but only as part of our verification process. It won't play any role in our analysis. Instead, we are interested in your current income and whether you have the financial stability necessary to pay back the loan without any issues.
Do payday loans improve credit score?
Payday loans do not directly improve your credit scores because payday lenders don't report your payment history to credit bureaus. If your credit concerns you, you probably know borrowing money and successfully paying it back, without any delays, is the way to boost your credit score. That happens when you reimburse long-term loans, like those you have taken for a car or your home.
Even so, payday loans still are important. They may not influence your credit report directly, but indirect measures count too. For example, you can take a payday loan to pay off a credit card that got out of hand; that payment will be reported, which will help your credit score. Also, since payday loans usually cover urgent expenses, they prevent you from accumulating debt.
Can I get a payday loan on the weekend?
You can get a payday loan on the weekend, thanks to modern technology and the lending process's digitalization. While traditional loan places use regular working hours, online lenders are always available.
iCash services are accessible 24/7, even during weekends and holidays. That's the advantage of applying online; you can do it anywhere but also at any hour of day or night. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can apply from your mobile device and get a payday loan anytime an emergency occurs!

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