to iCASH and earn $20

Know someone who could use some extra cash? Well good news, when you refer a friend to iCASH, you can both earn $20 in Cashback.

iCASH Referral Program

The iCASH referral program is designed to help you earn Cashback for recommending us to your friends and family. If you're an existing client and have paid off your first loan, you can officially become an iCASH ambassador and have the opportunity to refer your friends and family to get a loan with us.


1 Download the iCASH app QR code

Manage your account, refer friends and more.
The more you invite, the higher Cashback amount you'll receive per referral.

2 Refer a Friend Referral link

Log in to the iCASH app to find your referral link directly in your account, then share the link with the person(s) you'd like to refer.

3 Earn Cashback $20 Cashback

It's a win-win situation. Receive $20 in Cashback and the referral will also receive $20 Cashback as soon as your invited referral pays off their loan.

Spread the word, and the Cashback

The amount of Cashback you earn will be updated every time someone successfully pays off their first loan according to the terms of their loan agreement. The best part? You can use your Cashback for anything. Once you're ready, you can withdraw your funds and we'll e-Transfer you the cash.

Below is a breakdown of how much Cashback you can earn for each referral:

• 1-5 referrals: $20
• 6-15 referrals: $25
• 16-25 referrals: $30
• 26-35 referrals: $35
• 36-45 referrals: $40
• 46-55 referrals: $45
• 56 and more: $50

You can easily stay updated on the status of your referrals by accessing the referral list section in your member dashboard at or through our mobile loans app.

How Do I Qualify?

Once you have paid off your first loan, you can officially become an iCASH ambassador and have the opportunity to refer your friends and family. In order to refer someone, you must have the referral's valid contact information or email address. From there, you can generate the referral link directly from your account, then share the link with the person you'd like to refer.

The referral must live in a province where our instant loan services are offered and must use the referral link while the ambassador is still an eligible ambassador. For example, an ambassador is no longer eligible for the referral program if they are in Collection for 30+ days, are muted, or move to an ineligible province.

The referral must be a new client that has never used iCASH before. The referral must meet the conditions to be accepted for a loan and is obliged to repay it within the terms and conditions of the loan agreement.

Refer iCASH and earn Cashback

The iCASH referral program is a great way to earn Cashback for helping out your friends and family if they're in a situation where they may need help getting some extra cash. So, if you know someone who could use our fast and easy loan services, be sure to tell them about us.

If you have any questions about our referral program or about getting a loan with iCASH, feel free to contact customer service today. You can also read through our referral program full terms and conditions to get a better understanding of how the referral program works.