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The holidays are a time for celebration, but for many, it can be a time of financial stress. Whether you plan on taking a vacation or need cash for gifts, the holidays can be an expensive time for many. If you’re looking for holiday loans to help cover expenses, iCASH can help. We provide payday loans with flexible repayment options, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy the holidays without stressing over finances.

Thousands of Canadian residents have chosen to use iCASH to borrow money for a holiday or vacation - not only because you can borrow amounts up to $1,500, but also because our application process is swift and funds are sent within two minutes of approval via e-Transfer.

Open 24/7, even on holidays!

If you’re applying for holiday loans in Canada, we understand there’s a good chance you need your cash fast, and waiting a few days simply isn’t an option. That’s why getting instant holiday loans through iCASH is not only quick but a completely painless and easy process. Our team operates 24/7, even during statutory holidays. Yes, even during Christmas and New Year! They work hard and efficiently to process loans fast and are always available to answer your questions. So, not only can you easily get holiday loans online with iCASH, you can use it for whatever you want, whether it’s to cover holiday-related expenses or just treat yourself to a trip or a cruise.

Instant approvals, same day funds

Need to get your funds as quickly as possible? No problem. The best way to get your instant holiday payday loan from iCASH is to download our smartphone app. Once you sign up and fill out the application, the AI-powered process will let you know instantly if you’ve been approved - no waiting around for hours or days!

We have a 93% approval rate for applicants who meet our minimum requirements, meaning the majority of people that apply for holiday loans in Canada through iCASH will be approved. Once you’ve been approved and signed your digital agreement, your funds will be sent to you via e-Transfer in about two minutes.

Flexible repayment options

When it comes time to repay the instant holiday loan you've received from iCASH, we’ve ensured you have options. You have the flexibility to repay your loan in one or multiple installments (conditions apply) with no additional fees. Additionally, you can have up to 62 days to repay, depending on how often you get paid - and again, we accept multiple forms of income, including self-employment and government assistance programs. So if you intend on taking a loan for the holidays, but want peace of mind knowing you can repay on your own terms, iCASH is for you.

How Our Loans Work

If you need a quick vacation loan you will want everything from the application to the receiving of funds to be quick and easy so that you can go back to enjoying your holiday. With iCASH, you’ll be looking at a quick 3-step process - apply for the loan, find out if you’ve been approved and get your funds. That’s all there is to it. Let’s take a closer look at what each step entails.

1. Sign Up and apply

Chances are high that you have a smartphone, so you’re already one step ahead. All you need to do is download the free iCASH app (available on iOS and Android platforms) and follow the steps to create your account and start applying for your emergency holiday loan. Alternatively, you can complete the sign up process directly on our website. Regardless of whether you need a loan for vacation or simply to cover some unexpected travel expenses, everything can be completed online, with no documentation or paperwork required.

2. Instant approval

Everything is so quick with iCASH because our application process is fully automated. Once you complete the application, you’ll find out instantly if you’re approved. There’s nothing worse than waiting to find out if you’ll be receiving the funds you need, especially if you really need that fast holiday loan to cover expenses. With iCASH, you’ll know right away.

3. Fast e-Transfer

After your application has been submitted and accepted on our end, all you need to do is sign your digital agreement and your cash advance will be sent to you in about 2 minutes. That’s right - our payday loans are open and available during the holidays.

What You’ll Need To Get A Loan From Us

We are a private lender, and getting approved is much easier than it would be with other lenders, banks, or credit unions. So if you’re looking for a guaranteed approval loan for the holidays, iCASH is the easiest way to achieve this. We only require the following criteria to be met for eligibility:

You must be at least 19 years old.
You must be a Canadian resident, living in one of the provinces we operate in (BC, AB, SK, ON, NS, NB, PEI, MB).
You must have been receiving the same source or mix of incomes for the past 3 months (this can include employment income, as well as government assistance programs such CPP, AISH, ODSP, etc.)
You must have a minimum combined net monthly income of at least $800.
You need to have a Canadian bank account that has been open for at least 3 months, with access to online banking.
You must have a valid mobile phone, email address, and home address.

Bad Credit Accepted

When you have poor credit, you may worry about being declined a travel loan for bad credit. But even with bad credit, you can get approved with iCASH. Our approval decisions are not based on your credit score. Instead, we focus on factors that include your ability to repay, like your source of income, employment history, etc. As a fully licensed lender in Canada, it’s easier to get a loan from us than banks and other lenders. And while we’re more than happy to provide you with the funds you need, we’ll never lend you an amount that you won’t be able to repay. Getting bad credit loans, even on statutory holidays, is absolutely possible with iCASH.

Cover Your Trip With A Travel Loan

Travelling can be an expensive endeavour. Aside from paying for transportation, hotels, food, entertainment, etc. you need to prepare yourself for unexpected emergencies that can arise. That’s what’s so great about travel loans from iCASH. We quickly provide you the cash you need from anywhere in the world, with flexible repayment options to help cover expenses.

Get A Personal Vacation Loan To Cover Expenses

Picture this - you’re on vacation, enjoying your time off, when you decide to go to a show, or book a reservation at a restaurant - something you may not have initially budgeted for when planning your trip. Why should you miss out on having the best time, simply because it can be too expensive? iCASH is here to provide you with a personal vacation loan quickly and easily. Use your funds for anything you need to maximize the enjoyment of your holiday vacation!

Holiday Loans To Cover Costs

It’s entirely possible you’re seeking an instant holiday loan for things other than a vacation. For example, maybe you want to throw a holiday party, or perhaps you intend on taking advantage of the various Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day deals. With iCASH, you can borrow up to $1,500 any time even with less than perfect credit.

Get Your Personal Loan Today!

If you're looking for a holiday cash advance, iCASH has you covered. Whether you have good or bad credit (or even no credit), you can be approved for an instant personal loan in minutes.

Over the years, we have provided small online loans for vacations to thousands of customers across Canada. With more than a 90% approval rate, you have a high chance of being instantly approved. Most applicants complete the entire lending process in minutes – less time than it would take for you to book plane tickets for your trip!

Don’t just take our word for it. More than 1,000 customers have reviewed iCASH on Trustpilot, and even more have given it 5-star ratings on iOS and Android. So why wait any longer? If you’re ready to get your online personal loan for travelling, get started with iCASH today!

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Holiday, Vacation & Travel Loan FAQs:

Can you take out a loan to go on vacation?

You certainly can with iCASH, even if you have bad credit. When you apply for an instant payday loan for the holidays, you don’t need to tell us what you’re using the funds for. In fact, you can get an instant loan even when you’re in the middle of your trip, should unexpected circumstances force you to shell out some extra cash, or if you simply want to enjoy an activity that may not have been part of your initial vacation budget.

Can I get a loan for travelling?

With iCASH, getting a travel loan is easy regardless of your credit score. With our incredibly fast application and approval process, you’ll get your funds quickly enough to ensure it covers any and all travel related expenses, whether that be finances for a plane ticket or a hotel.

Can I get a loan to pay for a holiday?

Yes, you can! Whether you’re planning a holiday vacation, or in the middle of one, iCASH is always available for you. Downloading the iCASH app is your best bet to get funds as quickly as possible. Everything is done through the app - from the application process to the instant decision and signing of your digital agreement. Then your money is sent via quick e-Transfer.

Is it okay to finance a vacation?

There are no restrictions on how you choose to use the instant payday loan you receive from iCASH. Once you’ve been approved, you’re free to use your funds as you wish.

Do banks give loans to travel?

While banks may issue personal loans for you to use, the requirements to receive one are often hard to meet and may include having near perfect credit. With iCASH, getting an instant payday loan to travel is much easier. Since we're a personal lender, we determine our own eligibility criteria, and our requirements are minimal.

Can you get a holiday loan with bad credit?

It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit or good credit, iCASH makes eligibility for a holiday loan possible for all Canadians. Our approval decisions are based on other criteria, like your employment history, income, ability to repay, etc.
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