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Payday Loans Online 24/7

Online payday loans are short term loans designed to provide you with quick cash to cover unexpected expenses before getting your next paycheque. They are easy to qualify for and can typically you with instant approval and same day deposit. These payday loans online must then repaid in a few days to a few weeks*. They can be a great option to provide fast cash for emergency expenses, repairs, cash flow issues, and much more.

Online payday loans are some of the easiest loan and credit products to obtain. Compared to traditional personal loans, lines of credit, or even car or home loans, payday loans generally have lower requirements.

These small loans don't require any collateral, which makes them more accessible for most people. Given that they are designed for short-term use, the requirements are also relatively easy to meet.

When you're applying for a payday loan online, there is generally much less paperwork, either physical or digital, compared to other credit products. This is mainly due to the technology behind the loan application, the nature of short-term loans, and the lack of collateral requirements. All of these factors combined make it quick to obtain easy online payday loans.

iCASH is a direct payday lender servicing many provinces in Canada and is widely considered a leader in online loans. In this guide, we'll tell you all you need to know about payday loans online in Canada, how they work, the application process, and why more and more people choose to get a money loan through private lenders.

We'll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about online loans to demonstrate how easy they are to obtain and how beneficial they can be for consumers.

From the moment you start your application to get an online loan, you'll notice how quick and effortless the entire process is. In most cases, many money lenders will provide instant online loan approval.

Getting quick online payday loans is easy. All you have to do is:

  •     1. Complete an easy online loan application.
  •     2. Choose your repayment terms*.
  •     3. Get instant approval on your loan.
  •     4. Sign your credit agreement.
  •     5. Get your money within 2 minutes via e-Transfer.

People choose to apply for cash loans online from private lenders due to the flexibility available with the repayment terms*. Depending on the province you live in and your income schedule, you can be eligible to repay your loan in multiple installments.

It used to be that when banks looked at a credit application, all they considered were wages from a "regular job." That is not the case with these small personal loans. Online lenders can accept income from many other sources as well. This means that you can get the easiest payday loans online if you receive benefits from child tax, the Canada Pension Plan, or another government program.

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What Is The Best Online Payday Loan Company?

If you're looking for the best online payday loans in Canada, you would need to consider the following:

  •     • Review the lender's eligibility requirements to get a short term loan online.
  •     • Ask if they provide loans for people with bad credit.
  •     • You'll want a money lender who provides easy access to customer service.
  •     • Make sure the direct lender is located in Canada.
  •     • Confirm the private lender can operate online in your province.
  •     • Best online payday loan lenders disclose their total borrowing cost, including their fees and interest rates upfront.

If your net monthly income is more than the $800 minimum threshold, you'll most likely get approved for online payday loans.

In Canada, regulations allow you to borrow a maximum of $1,500 with a payday loan online. Not all lenders provide that much, of course, with many putting their maximum caps at a lower level.

Additionally, it's worth noting that you may not be approved for the maximum amount available. Many other factors are taken into consideration in their approval decision. The goal of offering online payday loans is to provide monetary help to people whose credit makes it hard to qualify for conventional loans.

Online Payday Loans with Instant Approval

Online payday loans with instant approval can significantly benefit those who need quick funds to deal with an unexpected crisis.

Applying for a payday loan with instant approval can be done online 24/7, so you can get the money when you need it most. There's no need to visit a payday store near you or to visit a bank. You can apply from the comfort of your home or office. Our instant approval loans do not require you to provide any documentation; everything can be handled online.

Payday loans online that provide instant approval allow people to get the money they need when they need it to pay for their bills as they come up. When you need cash fast, the best way is to get a loan with a direct lender.

Working with a licensed secure online lender like iCASH means dealing with only one company from the moment you start the loan application until you repay your loan. As an online lender, we can provide the funds you need quickly. When you apply for an online loan with a direct lender, you can potentially get lower rates without any delays.

As a Canadian resident, you can get instant approval on your online payday loan of up to $1,500 by completing our quick application. You'll get a fast decision and know the amount that you were approved. Our loan application takes from 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

How Do You Get Approved For an Online Payday Loan?

To get approved for an online payday loan, you must meet the following requirements:

  •     • Be at least 19 years old.
  •     • Be a Canadian citizen and a resident of Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island.
  •     • Have been receiving the same source of income for the past 3 months.
  •     • Have a net income of at least $800/month deposited in your bank account.
  •     • Have a Canadian bank account that has been open for at least 3 months and has access to online banking.
  •     • Have a valid mobile phone number, address, and email address.

When you're applying for a payday loan online, all you need to do is fill out our loan application. Provide necessary information about yourself, your income, and let us know the amount of money you would like to borrow.

Upon completing your payday advance online application, please submit it to get instant approval. Our system will review your application and check your credit history. As soon as you're approved, we'll send you the loan agreement, which includes the interest amount as well as the total cost of borrowing.

Once you're done reading the loan agreement, you'll need to sign and send it back to us. The money will then be sent to you in as little as 2 minutes via e-Transfer.

Thanks to modern technology, you can get an online loan on the weekend. Yes, you can get instant approval and get funded from a loan on Saturday and Sunday.

Traditional payday loan stores might not be open, but online money lenders are available 24/7/365. With an online loan application, there's no need to visit a store or a branch office. Everything can be completed at your convenience, with only an internet connection and your preferred device – computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The best payday lenders use advanced software to process the application, perform a credit check, and instantly validate your information. Since the process is automated and doesn't require human intervention, you can borrow money any time, day or night – even on weekends.

Furthermore, in Canada, your funds can be automatically sent via e-Transfer. This means that for the vast majority of people, online payday lenders can enable you to apply, get approved, and get funded, all within the same day.

Some even offer the complete service in under an hour from start to finish. It's a brave new world and a far cry from the highly restrictive days of "bankers' hours," long lines and appointments, and lots of tedious paperwork. Instead, you can spend just a few minutes getting your online loan with instant approval so that you can enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Online Payday Loans for People with Bad Credit

Online payday loans for people with bad credit can be a great resource when money is tight. A divorce, getting laid off, or a short-term emergency may all cause financial hardship. Unsecured loans should only be used by those who need to borrow money quickly.

When banks run a credit check, they may decline your loan application after reviewing your credit report without looking at your current financial status. Yet private lenders can provide online payday loans if you need urgent money.

In Canada, payday loans online for bad credit are precisely the same type of loans offered to those who have a good credit history. The difference is in the minimum credit score that a lender may require you to qualify for a loan. The borrowing cost may also be higher due to the increased risk that the money lender is taking on when they approve the loan.

The average Canadian credit score is around 650, and many banks require people who apply for a loan to have credit scores higher than 700 to qualify for a loan. This, in itself, would disqualify many Canadians.

The good news is that good credit is not required to get approved for an online loan. We approve 9 out of 10 loan applicants.

With us, you can get a payday loan with a bad credit score. As long as you meet our eligibility requirements, then you're likely to get approved. Your income and ability to repay the loan is a much larger factor in the approval decision process.

While we perform a credit check as part of our approval process, your score is not a factor that would exclude you from getting a loan. We can offer bad credit loans with instant approval due to the technology we have in place and our ability to make quick decisions.

You can easily get online loans from direct lenders for bad credit. We keep our loan terms to a maximum of 62 days, allowing you to pay your loan quickly. Your rates will always be the same for easy monthly repayments*.

When you apply for a loan online, we look on your ability to repay the loan to make sure we don't put you into further debt.

Apply for online payday loans for bad credit with iCASH and get the money you need today.

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How to Apply for a Payday Loan Online?

Apply for Online Payday Loans

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Just use the simple form on our website to select the amount of cash you want to borrow from an online payday loan. Provide some personal information, and you're on your way.


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Complete our online loan application. You'll receive instant approval on your loan so you can put your finances back on track—fast, easy, reliable payday loans from a trusted licensed direct lender.


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Your funds will be sent via e-Transfer in 2 minutes or less. Our electronic transfer means funds are available anytime you need to get money fast . Safe, online payday loans with same day funding.

Maximum repayment period 62 days. APR is 109.50%. For a $300 loan of 14 days, the total payback amount is $345. Interest fees: Alberta $15 per 100, British Columbia $15 per 100, Manitoba $17 per 100, New Brunswick $15 per 100, Nova Scotia $19 per 100, Ontario $15 per 100, PEI $15 per 100. 372 Bertha Street, Hawkesbury, Ontario, K6A 2A8. iCASH only offers online services. Please note that we cannot accept customers or conduct any transactions from this location.

Online Payday Loans in Canada

By leveraging modern technology with exceptional customer service, flexible repayment options* and competitive rates, it's no wonder that more Canadians apply for online payday loans with iCASH than ever before.

Quick Online Loans for Bad Credit

While we perform a credit check when someone applies for a quick loan online for bad credit, we don't consider it for our approval decision. iCASH is focused on getting the entire profile of a person, most importantly, the person's capacity to repay, and not so much their credit history.

For many Canadians, living with a bad credit history can be a challenge. Some companies will also charge you a higher rate when you apply for a bad credit loan. With iCASH, however, the rates are fixed and aren't time-dependent. That means no matter which repayment option you choose, you'll always pay the same amount.

Interest rates are fully disclosed during the loan application process and are always available on our website. This way, you always know the cost of borrowing before taking out an online loan.

Easy Online Payday Loans

If you're a resident of Canada, your online payday loan application is processed in real-time, and you'll get instant approval. We do not need you to come into an office to drop off documents or sign any papers. Everything is done online from the convince of your home or office. The internet makes everything so much easier!

We're a Canadian company designed to serve our fellow Canadians' needs and are fully compliant with all laws. iCASH offers safe online loans that you can trust!

Best Payday Loans Online in Canada

Canadians who apply for an online loan with iCASH have our commitment to act responsibly and ethically. There are no hidden fees, and terms and conditions are clearly explained so that everyone can understand. Our Customer Experience Team is always available to answer all questions, seven days a week.

People say iCASH is the best online payday loan lender because we keep our customers' information safe and secure. We are a licensed lender in Canada, regulated by the consumer protection authority of each of the provinces in which we operate.

Instant Online Loans

In most cases, our software provides you with a fast decision when you apply for an instant online loan. For the majority of applicants, the funds will be available on the same day. 99% of the time, we will send the money to you within 2 minutes via e-Transfer after you return the loan agreement to us.

We ensure that everyone in Canada has online access to safe, smart, and straightforward solutions when they need an instant loan.

Safe Online Payday Loans in Canada

iCASH has invested in the latest 256-bit encryption technology to ensure that when you apply for an online payday loan in Canada, your application and all your data are 100% safe. We have established the highest principles and standards-aligned with the industry's codes of ethics.

We work very hard at iCASH to ensure that we earn and keep your trust. We keep all of your personal and financial information private and secure.

Borrow and Save!
Get up to 20% in Cashback!*

iCASH offers a unique Cashback program to reward its customers in Canada. You can get back up to 20% of the cost of borrowing paid once your online payday loan is repaid and receive your Cashback direct into your bank account the same day. Real saving and real money!*

Online Payday Loans FAQs

Are online loans a good idea?

Online loans are a good idea because they offer convenience and speed over traditional lending options. For example:

    • You don't need to travel to a branch office, bank, or a cash store.
    • There are no documentation requirements.
    • With online loans, you can get instant approval.
    • Funds are available in as little as 2 minutes once we receive your loan agreement signed.

Online loans are all about lending for the way you live your life today. iCASH allows you to get the funds you need, on your schedule, with a minimal amount of fuss.

Can you get a payday loan online?

You can get a payday loan online. Applying is quick and easy, and you can get instant approval 24/7.

    1. Complete our loan application.
    2. Provide necessary information about yourself and how much money you need to borrow. Add your bank account information, employment status as well as your desired repayment schedule*.
    3. You'll receive an instant decision.
    4. Upon signing the loan agreement, the money will be sent to you within 2 minutes via e-Transfer.
    1. It's fast, easy, and convenient. Another benefit of getting an online cash advance is that you don't have to leave your home or office, which means you do not have to complete any paperwork.

Are there any legitimate online payday loan lenders?

There are many legitimate online payday loan lenders. iCASH is a safe, licensed, legitimate payday lender in Canada.

The best way to find a legitimate lender is to ensure that the company has all the information on their site about interest rates and license information. They should also be based in Canada to comply with Canadian law and provincial regulations.

There should be contact information available on the site, and reviews from customers readily available.

Do online payday loans affect your credit?

Online payday loans do not have an impact on your credit score. Short-term loans aren't reported to the major credit bureaus and don't appear as a part of your credit score or history.

Of course, if you don't pay back your loans on time, your account may be turned over to a debt collector. In that case, it will show up on your credit report and may have a negative impact.

As long as you repay your loan on time, it should have no impact on your credit report.

How can I get an instant online payday loan?

To get an online payday loan, fill out our loan application on the iCASH website or through our loan app.

The online loan application takes just minutes to complete. You'll get instant approval. Getting funded takes only a few more minutes after that (once you sign and return your loan agreement, also done online). It's easy to get loans online from us 24/7/365, so don't hesitate. Start now!
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