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Guaranteed Payday Loans No Matter What

Guaranteed payday loans, no matter what in Canada, are loans where applicants are always "guaranteed" to be approved. But in reality, these loans do not exist.

Every lender has specific minimum criteria that must be met, and if they aren't met, then the applicant won't be approved for a loan. Lenders reserve the right to reject applicants that they deem too high a risk to qualify. This is true of every licensed, reputable lender in Canada.

Some lenders may advertise "guaranteed loans no matter what" in Canada today. These lenders should be viewed with skepticism. Often, there are fine print clauses that spell out rejection of the application is still possible. In essence, they are misleading potential customers. Reputable lenders don't do that.

There's a big difference in approval odds when seeking a loan from a bank as opposed to an online lender. The choice of lender, type of loan, and other details can play a significant role in the approval odds for any individual customer.

In effect, by choosing the right kind of loan and lender, borrowers can maximize their approval odds and virtually be "guaranteed" for a payday loan.

With traditional bank loans, for example, the level of risk a bank will tolerate is very low. They tend to only accept applicants in the top 20-25% of the credit score and income spectrum – leaving 75-80% of applicants being rejected. Traditional loan places may offer somewhat better approval rates, in the range of 50-60% but are still quite far from a "no matter what guarantee."

By contrast, modern private lenders provide the closest experience to "guaranteed personal loans, no matter what." Top online lenders offer approval odds of 90% in some cases. However, there's still a chance of having an application rejected, but it is far lower than with most other lenders.

The process of obtaining an instant loan from these online lenders is faster and easier. Direct lenders help to ensure that, while "guaranteed payday loans no matter what" may be a pipe dream. The majority of customers can successfully get a money loan online when they need it without collateral, and even if their credit report is less than perfect.

Even customers who have been rejected at other lenders can often still qualify for a quick loan. So long as they meet the minimum eligibility requirements and complete the application process, odds are they'll be approved and receive cash – often the same day as they apply.

While guaranteed loans "no matter what" do not exist, the next-best option is fast payday loans from leading online lenders.
Guranteed payday loans no matter what

Guaranteed Payday Loans in Canada

When looking for guaranteed payday loans in Canada, you will need to know that these loans don't exist; however, you can apply for a payday loan where approval is almost guaranteed.

Even though there are no guaranteed payday loans, many direct lenders offer money loans with a high approval rate. These loans are designed to provide Canadians with cash proceeds when they find themselves in need of some extra money.

Canadians can get up to $1,500 in cash with an instant payday loan. While these loans may most often be associated with loans lasting 14 days, these short term loans have a term of several weeks to several months, depending on the pay cycle and the province the borrower resides.

After this time, the loan principal must be repaid, along with an interest or finance charge. Some lenders offer multiple installment repayments* for their loans, whereas others only have a single repayment option.

Easy loans have more flexible requirements than other financial products, making it simpler for most people to get quick cash. That is why we say you can apply for a payday loan where approval is almost guaranteed.

Even though you can't get guaranteed approval with a payday loan in Canada, you can get instant decision when applying with an online lender. Modern lenders like iCASH use advanced automated algorithms to provide customers with immediate approval on their loan application.

Online lenders tend to provide the highest approval odds for borrowers. You need to ensure you choose a lender who is licensed and certified in the province they operate.

Direct online lenders offer a simplified and speedy loan application and approval process that often looks something like the below:

1. Applicants fill out an online application with their requested loan amount and other essential information. It takes only minutes and can be completed at any time, without the need to scan, fax, or mail any paperwork.
2. The application is reviewed by advanced algorithms to provide an instant approval decision on the loan.
3. Customers receive a digital loan agreement, which can be signed and returned in just a few clicks.
4. Funds are then released per the borrower's chosen funding method in as little as a few minutes. Customers can choose how to use the funds – however, they see fit.
5. On the date(s) designated in the loan agreement, the principal and interest payments are made automatically to repay the loan from the bank account provided in the application.

Rather than relying on a credit report, online private lenders are primarily concerned with an applicant's income and stability. They know that credit scores don't tell the whole story and that even customers with bad credit can responsibly use and repay an easy loan.

This results in no minimum credit score requirement and, therefore, much higher approval odds for customers, pushing these loans ever closer to a truly "guaranteed" payday loan.

Guaranteed Loans

If you need quick cash but have a poor credit score, you may want to get a guaranteed loan. At iCASH, we will never reject your application based on your credit score solely.

While we don't offer guaranteed loan approval, our short term loans are among the most accessible types of loans for which most customers can qualify.

They don't require collateral and have no restrictions on how their cash proceeds can be used. This makes them a very valuable financial tool for many Canadians struggling with personal finances.

The reason so many citizens today are seeking guaranteed loans in Canada stems from a combination of mostly stagnant wages, rising costs, economic inequality, and limited ability to save money. Many people have little to no savings and no ability to respond to sudden or unplanned expenses that they may encounter.

Online loans with high approval odds, can be one of the surest and easiest ways to access quick cash when people need it most. That's especially true because loan funds are often available the same day, with very little time required to complete the application and approval process.

Likewise, the unrestricted nature of the loan funds means that they can be used as the borrower sees fit to best help improve their financial situation. Most borrowers want guaranteed money loans from online lenders to help make ends meet between pay periods.

For example, to pay for urgent auto repairs, or replacement of broken appliances, for urgent medical or dental expenses or travel and lodging associated with family or personal emergencies.

Our cash loans don't have a minimum credit score requirement, either, which contributes to the greater than 90% approval odds that applicants can enjoy. An online loan from us is about as close as anyone can come to a truly guaranteed loan in Canada.

Our loans can be obtained with nothing more than an Internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Customers can apply from home or the office – or even on the go using our instant loan app.

It takes just minutes, with no paperwork to submit (and no application costs). We provide an instant approval decision, meaning no stressful waiting. Because the primary considerations for lending relate to income and stability, even customers with bad credit or limited credit history have an excellent chance of being approved.

At the same time, we provide fast funding – releasing funds right away, which are typically available the same day or even faster (depending on the chosen funding method). We also have an outstanding customer service team available to help at any point during the loan application and management process. Repayment is automated, and secure and interest rates are among the lowest in Canada for this kind of loan.

While no loan is genuinely a guaranteed loan, your best choice for the highest approval odds, fastest funding, and best service is iCASH – Canada's leading online lender.

We also provide loans with almost guaranteed approval in these provinces of Canada

in Alberta, British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island.

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Guaranteed Payday Loans, No Matter What, in Canada FAQs

1. Can I get guaranteed loan approval with no credit check?

iCASH does not offer guaranteed loan approvals with no credit check, nor does any reputable lender in Canada today. However, approval odds are incredibly high, as alternative metrics are used to determine loan risk.

While approval is not guaranteed for everybody, this results in more than 9 in 10 applicants being approved for their loan instantly upon submission of their application.

At the same time, a credit check is not something to worry over, either. Because there is no minimum credit score to qualify for a loan with us, a poor credit score is not disqualifying. It is used to verify a borrower's identity and corroborate the financial and residency information provided on the application.

We will never reject a loan application solely because of a bad credit score.

2. Are guaranteed online loans safe?

Some lenders may advertise "guaranteed online loans"; however, these should be treated with skepticism.

On the contrary, online loans are very safe, provided they come from a reputable source like iCASH. Modern lenders rely on their ability to lend online and therefore take security very seriously.

Top lenders use the latest encryption technology to protect all online transactions. The transfer of funds is also protected using this same technology – just like when you make a purchase online or use online banking from your bank.

That's coupled with industry best practices for data security, retention, and access policies internally.

3. Where can I get a guaranteed loan with bad credit?

No reputable lender offers truly guaranteed loans for bad credit in Canada today. However, having a good chance of receiving a loan, even with bad credit, is a top consideration for many borrowers today.

Bad credit limits borrowing ability with traditional lenders and banks and often puts that much more time pressure on borrowers in need of cash fast. Therefore, the best way to maximize approval odds and get funded as fast as possible is to borrow from a payday lender like iCASH.

The entire process of applying, getting approved, and having funds release can take as little as 30 to 60 minutes. With the e-Transfer funding option, customers can receive their funds shortly after their loan application is complete.

There's no minimum credit score requirement, either, so no matter what your credit score or credit history may be, you can still qualify for a small, short-term loan with us.

While Canadians can't get guaranteed payday loans, direct lenders usually approve 90% of applications.
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