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A good alternative to a traditional payday loan

Payday Loans that are offered online instead of in person. So what are the benefits of online loans for your installment loan or payday loan options? Well, aside from the obvious, here are a few reasons why online is awesome.

Quick approval

iCASH has one of the fastest approval times. We are able to approve your loan in a matter of minutes. You will learn how much you can borrow and when you have to pay back your payday loan. You can even electronically sign and return your loan agreement.


With iCASH, there is no need to explain why you need the payday loan. And, no explanations mean no judgement! We understand that unforeseen situations happen to everyone from time to time. iCASH is here to help.

Easier approval

Financial institutions are hesitant to lend to people that do not have perfect credit. iCASH understands that a client’s previous bad credit should not haunt him or her for life! Our application process takes into account the whole financial picture and we are able to put together a global vision of your individual situation.



Borrow and Save!
Get up to 20% in Cashback!

iCASH offers a unique Cashback program to reward its customers. You can get back up to 20% of the cost of borrowing paid once your loan is repaid and receive your Cashback direct into your bank account the same day. Real saving and real Money!


Get an easy, safe and fast loan

No Wait

Complete the secure online loan application in minutes and get your money within 5 minutes by e-transfer, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

No Paperwork

Apply from the comfort of your home - no more faxing documents or waiting in line. The instant online payday loan process is flexible and convenient.

Get Approved

Simply fill an easy online application and you can be instantly approved for your cash. Get the repayment schedule that suits your needs with 1, 2 or 3 installments.

Grace Period

We will add a 5 days grace period before starting to repay your loan on your next payday. This means you will have an extra 5 days to pay us back with no extra fee.

100% Compliant

As licensed lenders, we are fully compliant with provincial laws and regulations, and our transparent lending process means no hidden fees and no surprises.

Flexpay Repayment

We give you the option to repay your loan in one, two or three equal payments while paying the same interest fee!

Everyone needs a little help

Everything is made easier online

Remember when applying for a loan meant making a bank appointment, taking time off of work to go to the appointment, bringing all sorts of documents like paycheck stubs and credit card statements, waiting several days or even weeks for an answer and then waiting even more for the funds? Yeah, we don’t either!

If you are having a hard time figuring out how much money you need, try using our simple budget loan calculator! To learn more about how we differenciate ourselves from other lenders, go see our comparison chart.

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