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Guaranteed Approval Loans For Poor Credit

When you have poor credit, it can feel like you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of financial worry. You're constantly trying to catch up on bills, but it feels like there's no end in sight. If you're looking for a way out, you may have searched for guaranteed approval payday loans for bad credit in Canada

While all reputable lenders cannot actually guarantee approval, there are many loans available for people with bad credit, including iCASH loans for bad credit. Our approval rate is 93%, which means that even if you have poor credit, you have a good chance of being approved for unsecured loans with us. What's more, our loans come with flexible repayment options and no hidden fees, so you don't have to worry about any surprises when it comes time to repay your loan.

So, if you're tired of struggling with poor credit, you can always apply for bad credit loans with us today. We may be able to help you get the financial relief you need, so that you can finally start moving forward.

Loans for Bad Credit

Bad Credit Loans With Instant Approval

Having bad credit shouldn't hold you back from getting the financial support you need. Whether you need an emergency loan to cover the cost of a car repair or are looking to pay for everyday essentials, bad credit loans with instant approval can be a great option.

With iCASH, you can get up to $1,500 within minutes, and you don't have to worry about being denied because of your credit score. Although we cannot offer guaranteed approval loans, we do provide instant approval loans because we know that when you need money, you can't afford to wait around. Our fast online approvals mean that you can apply for a loan, get approved, and receive your money all within the same day.

If you're wondering how our approval process works, it's actually quite simple. When you apply for a loan with us, we will review your application and make an instant decision based on your ability to repay the loan, not your credit score. We understand that people with bad credit can still be responsible borrowers, which is why we're willing to work with you.

And while we will check your credit, it's not the only factor we take into consideration. We also look at things like your employment history and income, so that we can get a better idea of your overall financial situation.

Benefits Of Getting Bad Credit Loans Online

There are many benefits of getting online loans for bad credit, including the fact that you can do it all from the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So long are the days of having to go into a physical store, wait in line, and fill out piles of paperwork.

Other key benefits to getting bad credit loans online are:

Fast & Easy

Now, you can apply for cash loans online in just a few minutes and get access to funds much quicker than traditional brick-and-mortar methods. Plus, with an entire process that is 100% online, you'll never have to worry about faxing or mailing in any documents.

100% Secure Platform

Another great benefit of getting online loans for bad credit in Canada is that it's completely confidential. When you apply for a loan with iCASH, your information is safe and secure. We use 256 bit SSL encoded bank-level security to protect your personal data, and our automated AI process for account and bank validation means ease of use for you.

Flexible Terms

Lastly, when you get bad credit loans online with us, you'll also enjoy flexible repayment options and no hidden fees. We want to make sure that our loans are as affordable as possible, so that you can focus on using your loan for what matters most.

How To Get A Bad Credit Loan In Canada

Getting loans for bad credit in Canada is easier than you may think. All you need to do is apply online with iCASH, and we'll take care of the rest. We understand that people with bad credit may be apprehensive about applying for a loan, but we can assure you that there are options for financial assistance.

At iCASH, we specialize in bad credit loans, so you can rest assured that you're in good hands. We have a team of experts who are ready to help you get the money you need, for whatever you need.

If you're looking for how to get a loan with poor credit or no credit in Canada, follow these simple steps:

Apply Online

The first step is to fill out our online application. This only takes a few minutes, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access. You can use our online web form to apply for your loan, or simply download our mobile loans app on your i0S or Android device and fill out the easy step-by-step application.

Get An Instant Approval

Once you've submitted your application, you will get an instant decision. We use cutting-edge technology and a fully automated process to determine your ability to repay the loan. This means that you can get approved for a loan in as little as w minutes, guaranteed.

Receive Your e-Transfer

If you're approved, the funds will be sent directly to you via e-Transfer. The whole process is fast, easy, and convenient. You can use your loan for whatever you need, whether it's to cover an unexpected expense or to get those much needed home repairs done.

Why Choose iCASH For Bad Credit Payday Loans

There are many reasons why over 600,000 Canadians have chosen iCASH for their bad credit payday loan needs. Over the years, we have helped many people get the financial assistance they need. We understand that financial emergencies can happen to anyone, at any time. That's why we're here to help.

Some of the reasons why people choose us as their go-to online lender are:

Fast Online Application

Our online application only takes a few minutes to complete. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, and you'll get an instant decision. You can borrow up to $1,500 and we don't require lengthy documents, paperwork, bank statements, in-person visits needed. It’s never been easier to obtain urgent loans for bad credit.

Bad Credit Accepted

Whether you have stellar credit or bad credit, we can get you cash today. We don't believe that your credit score should determine your ability to get a loan, so we don't use it as a factor in our decision-making process. Rather, we focus on your current financial situation and approve you for an amount we feel you can comfortably repay.

Get Your Cash Fast

Once you're loan is approved, the funds will be sent to you right away via e-Transfer. Our easy e-Signature process allows you to sign your loan agreement and have the funds sent to you in as little as 2 minutes. This means that you can start using your money for whatever you need right away.

Minimum Requirements To Get A Loan With Bad Credit

Our loans are available to just about anyone. Even if you don't make regular employment income, you may still qualify. We have a minimum income requirement of $800/month, which can come from various sources such as government benefits, child tax benefits, etc.

As long as you meet our minimum requirements and complete our easy online application, we'll do our best to get you the cash you need as soon as possible.

The basic minimum requirements to get a loan with bad credit in Canada are:

• You must be 19 years of age on the date of application.
• You must be a Canadian citizen.
• You must have been receiving the same source or mix of incomes for the past 3 months.
• You must have a valid mobile phone number and address.
• You must have a minimum combined net monthly income of at least $800. This is the cumulative total required from all wages, tips, federal child tax benefits, federal and provincial social assistance programs, pensions, and so on.
• You must have a Canadian bank account that has been open for at least 3 months, with access to online banking.

Bad Credit Personal Loans Vs Payday Loans

Oftentimes, the term bad credit personal loans and payday loans are used interchangeably. And while they can mean the same thing, there are some key differences between the two.

Payday loans are typically for smaller amounts of money, usually $1,500 or less. Bad credit personal loans can be for much larger amounts, and often start at $5,000.

About Bad Credit Personal Loans

Bad credit personal loans have longer repayment periods than payday loans. These types of loans are more common and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as debt consolidation, home renovations, and so on.

Instant personal loans designed for people with poor credit typically have higher interest rates and fees than regular personal loans, which often require good credit to qualify. The bottom line is that bad credit personal loans are a better option if you need a larger amount of money.

About Bad Credit Payday Loans

Payday loans are a type of short term loan that can be used in a pinch. They're typically for smaller amounts of money and have fewer requirements than regular or bad credit personal loans. The main requirements for a payday loan are that you have a steady income source and a bank account.

These loans are also much easier to obtain if you have poor credit. And while you should avoid lenders who provide payday loans with no credit check, you shouldn’t shy away from lenders who will check your credit. This is because you won’t be denied based on your credit score. The bottom line is that online payday loans are a better option if you need cash fast and have bad credit.

Why Use Direct Personal Loan Lenders For Bad Credit

There are many reasons to choose a direct lender over a bank or credit union when applying for personal loans for bad credit in Canada. One of the most important reasons is that direct lenders have higher approval rates. This means that more people are likely to be approved for a loan from a direct lender than from a bank or credit union.

Another reason to choose a direct lender is that they typically offer more flexible repayment terms. This means that you can choose a loan instalment term that best suits your needs and budget. Plus, you won't have to worry about providing collateral to secure the loan - something you'll often see with loans from banks and credit unions.

Lastly, direct online lenders like us are typically much faster than banks, credit unions, and other personal loan lenders because we offer our services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our automated process allows you to obtain instant personal loans within minutes rather than having to wait days or even weeks for approval, even if you have no credit history.

At iCASH, we pride ourselves on the speed and convenience of our service. We know that when you're in a pinch, you can't afford to wait around. That's why we offer unsecured loans for people with bad credit. Plus, we don't require any collateral. And because we operate entirely online, we're able to approve and transfer funds much faster than traditional lenders.

What Is Considered A Bad Credit Score

A bad credit score in Canada is typically anything below 650. This means that if you have a minimum credit score of 600 or below, you may have difficulty qualifying for financing or certain loans from banks or credit unions. Fortunately, there are direct lenders like us that specialize in bad credit loans and work with borrowers who have less than perfect credit.

The average credit score in Canada is 660, which is considered good. This means that if your credit score is 660 or above, you're likely to have an easier time qualifying for financing from traditional lenders. You'll also have an easier time qualifying for loans with more favourable terms.

When it comes to credit scores in Canada, it's good to have a general understanding of where you fall on the spectrum. If you're not sure what your credit score is, there are many free online tools that can help you find out.

If you have a poor credit score, it's not the end of the world. There are still many financing options available to you. At iCASH, many of our customers fall into this category, and have had no problem being approved for a loan. Our loans for people with bad credit have flexible repayment terms and no hidden fees. So, if you're looking for an alternative to traditional lenders, we may be able to help.

How A Bad Credit Score Is Determined

Most people are not aware of how credit scores work or that credit bureaus in Canada use a mathematical formula to calculate an individual's score. This number is used to determine an individual's creditworthiness and is also a factor that lenders use when considering a loan application.

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “is checking my credit score bad?,” you may have some questions about how the process works. The two main Canadian credit bureaus (Equifax and Transunion) will look at the following factors when calculating a credit score:

Payment History

This includes things like whether you've made your credit card payments on time, missed any payments, or declared bankruptcy. It also takes into account how long it's been since you made a late payment.

Accounts Owed

This looks at how much you currently owe on your lines of credit, credit cards, and other loans. It also looks at the number of accounts you have that are in good standing, as well as the number of accounts that are in collections.

Closed or Collection Accounts

Credit bureaus will also look at any accounts that have been closed, as well as any accounts that are currently in collections. This is because these are generally seen as red flags when it comes to creditworthiness.

Bankruptcies, Judgments or Consumer Proposals

If you have ever declared bankruptcy, had a judgement against you, or entered into a consumer proposal, this will also be taken into account. These are all seen as serious negative marks on your credit report.

A bankruptcy is when you are unable to pay your debts and have to have your assets liquidated in order to pay off your creditors. A consumer proposal is similar, but it's an agreement between you and the creditor where you agree to repay a portion of what you owe.

Credit History Length

Credit bureaus will also look at how long you've been using credit. The longer you've been using credit, and the more responsibly you've managed it, the better your credit ratings will be. This is because it shows that you're a more reliable borrower when it comes to repaying your debts.

New Credit

If you've applied for a lot of new credit accounts in a short period of time, this can be seen as a red flag. This is because it can indicate that you're in financial trouble and are looking for ways to borrow more money than you can afford to repay.

Credit Mix

CA credit mix is referred to as the types of credit that you have in your name. It includes things like lines of credit, credit cards, and loans. Having a mix of different types of credit is generally seen as being more responsible when it comes to managing your finances. However, if you only have one type of credit, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

Credit Utilization Ratio

This is the amount of credit you're using in comparison to the amount of credit you have available to you. It's important to keep this number low, as it shows that you're not maxing out your credit cards and that you're able to manage your debt.

Types Of Loans For Bad Credit

PIf you are looking for loans for bad credit, so that you can pay for unexpected emergencies or day-to-day essentials, it is important to know the many types of loans available in Canada.

Loan Type Who is it designed for?
Payday loans for bad credit

Canadians with low credit scores can get up to $1,500 with a payday loan for bad credit.

Guaranteed approval loans for poor credit

Even with poor credit or no credit history, you can get almost guaranteed approval on your loan application.

Personal Loans
Personal loans for bad credit

Are you looking for a personal loan for bad credit? You can get instant approval and get funded the same day.

Unsecured personal loans for bad credit with instant approval in Canada

You can get an unsecured personal loan for bad credit without putting up any collateral.

Loans for Bad Credit in Canada

Bad credit loans in Alberta

Bad credit loans in Alberta provide you with quick cash in as little as 2 minutes.

Bad credit loans in BC

Our bad credit loans in BC can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bad credit loans in Manitoba

Manitoba residents can get up to $1,500 with a loan for people with bad credit.

Bad credit loans in NS

People with bad credit in Nova Scotia can still be eligible for a poor credit loan with instant decision.

Bad credit loans in New Brunswick

Do you have poor credit? You can get a loan in New Brunswick with instant approval.

Bad credit loans in Ontario

Residents of Ontario can get bad credit loans for up to $1,500, regardless of their credit score.

Bad credit loans in PEI

Residents of PEI can apply for a loan for poor credit to help them overcome an unexpected situation.

Apply For A Bad Credit Loan Today

If you're looking for a loan but have a bad credit score, don't worry - you can still apply for a loan with us. We offer bad credit loans to individuals and we accept all types of credit. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, or no credit at all, you can be approved for an instant loan in just minutes.

iCASH is a leading provider of financing solutions for Canadians with poor credit scores. Over the years, we have provided financial support to hundreds of thousands of customers all across Canada, including those who have poor credit.

More than 90% of those who apply with us are instantly approved. Most applicants complete the entire lending process in minutes – less time than it would take most people to travel to a traditional lender’s store or office.

No matter if a borrower’s credit score is 450 or 800, outstanding service, competitive rates, speedy application, instant approval, and fast funding are all reasons why Canadians love working with us.

Perhaps the best indicators of why we provide the best unsecured bad credit loans in Canada can be found in the ratings and customer feedback. iCASH has received over 1,000 customer reviews from users on Trustpilot, and even more customers have rated the mobile loan apps on iOS and Android above 4.5 stars.

Don't wait! Get the financial help you need today and apply for a bad credit loan with iCASH.

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Maximum repayment period 62 days. APR is 109.50%. On a $500 loan of 14 days, the total cost of borrowing is $75, with a total payback amount of $575 and an APR of 391.07%. Interest fees: Alberta $15 per 100, British Columbia $15 per 100, Manitoba $17 per 100, New Brunswick $15 per 100, Nova Scotia $17 per 100, Ontario $15 per 100, PEI $15 per 100. 372 Bertha Street, Hawkesbury, Ontario, K6A 2A8. iCASH only offers online services. Please note that we cannot accept customers or conduct any transactions from this location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Credit Loans

What is the best loan for bad credit?

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, we can say that iCASH offers the best bad credit loans in Canada. Getting approved for a loan with bad credit is easier than you may think, and we have a high approval rate for applicants.

How can you get a loan with bad credit?

You can get a loan with bad credit from a direct lender online. This is because they are more likely to approve you for a loan than a bank or traditional lender. Alternative lenders like us do not take poor credit scores into account when we make our lending decisions. Instead, we focus on your ability to repay the loan.

Can I get a loan with a 500 credit score?

Yes, there are loans available to people with a poor credit score. iCASH offers bad credit loans to individuals with low credit scores. We also have no hidden fees and flexible terms on all of our loans. Plus, our loans can be used for any purpose, whether you need to pay for an emergency expense or cover piled up bills.

What is the maximum loan I can get with bad credit?

The maximum loan amount you can get will depend on your income and the lender you're working with. We offer loans in Canada up to $1,500 for first-time or returning borrowers, and our 93% approval rate means you're likely to get the financial help you need.

What is the easiest type of loan to get with bad credit?

If you’re looking for a loan that offers guaranteed approval for bad credit, the best option is sometimes a payday loan. These loans are short term solutions to help you tide over until your next payday. You can apply for a payday loan online or in-store, and most lenders will be able to give you an instant decision as to whether or not you're approved.

Will getting a bad credit loan make my credit score worse?

No, a bad credit loan will not make your credit score worse. In fact, it may even help improve your credit score if you make all of your payments on time. This is because making regular loan payments can show that you're a responsible borrower.

If you do, however, miss any payments or default on your loan, this will negatively impact your credit score. So, if you're looking to take out a loan and improve your credit score at the same time, make sure you only borrow an amount that you know you can afford to repay.

Will a bad credit personal loan rebuild or improve my credit?

A bad credit loan can help improve your credit score profile if you make all of your payments on time. This is because making regular loan payments can show that you're a responsible borrower.
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