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When we launched our #iCASHSTORIES contest, we had no idea of the overwhelming response that it would generate so many iCASH Reviews and personal stories from fellow Canadians in such a short amount of time! We have been so completely touched and inspired reading some of the reviews and the many amazing stories that were sent in.
We know that everyone gets into financial trouble now and then and it was important for us to let all of our clients know that they are not alone. We are proud of our clients that broke their silence and shared their story about how iCASH was there to help. We know that reading these stories will help every Canadian out there realize that we all have #iCASHSTORIES.

Sharing these stories on social media was wonderful but we also wanted to give these stories a more permanent home. Here, on our website, we have gathered a few stories that we thought would be able to help give our clients hope. It was hard to pick just a few from so many touching, thoughtful, humorous, and inspiring stories but we did our best!

We hope that sharing these stories will remind you that you’ve always got a helping hand with iCASH. And that brighter days are always ahead.



Real People. Real Heart.

#iCASHSTORIES!! Ok so Ive been through alot this past year and it has taken a toll on not only me but my entire family. I sadly suffered from a major addiction problem which obviously created a different side of me that i never want to see again. It took me a long time and for me to reach rock bottom before i was smart enough to seek the help that i needed. After i finished treatment successfully although i was clean and sober i was now in financial trouble and if it was not for icash helping me i dread to think where i would have ended up. Probably knocking on old acquaintances doors and ended right back where i started or even worse. So from the bottom of my heart i thankyou deeply you definaltly helped in starting my life over again the right way and im proud to say i have continued my sobriety and am 16months 3weeks and 5days.😃

Natalie A. - Wainfleet, Ontario


Family Emergency.

During a family emergency, I was strapped for cash, tried every Avenue available, every time I applied got turned down, not knowing what to do a friend recommend icash. To my surprise and thankfulness icash was there for me and still is my number one recommendation, again thank you icash.

Cynthia P. - Migisi Sahgaigan, Ontario


Health Recovery.

I am a 63yr old single disabled gentleman who has had to rely on icash a few times as the low income I get isn't always stretchable enough to include food. I used to weight 180lbs then went to 140 for quite a few years but now I am at a scary 105 and thanks to icash, so far, I'm keeping at that for now with hopes of it going up.

Lawrence E. - Calgary, Alberta


Unexpected Life Event.

iCASH helped me to get to the province I lived in so that I could pay my respects to my amazing mother who passed away. I would not have forgiven myself if I couldn’t be there to say our last goodbye 😱😱😱

Donna G. - Edmonton, Alberta


Judgment Free.

I was in between paydays and I was approved! I was able to get fuel and food which are the two things that don't last. Thankfully iCash gave an option to pay back in THREE payments whereas other places don't. The staff was helpful and happy and didn't make me feel like I was begging or borrowing from them personally.

Laurie R. - Prince George, British Colombia


When Banks Say No. We Say Yes.

#icash.ca helped us out immensely! We had our son last fall, he was a very welcomed surprise and I had just finished my professional standards, paid for my licensing and money was super tight. Plus I had worked for free a for a year for year or so before this, so we had debt that banks didn’t really want to look at. I returned to work, my husband took parental leave. The government was over a month getting us his first cheque and it was a huge struggle paying for everything with my first pay cheque back to work. #icash.ca really saved us!

Sarah S. - Calgary, Alberta


Happy Family Moment.

#iCASHSTORIES it was my son’s birthday and I was short on cash. I tried Icash. They had my loan that day and I was able to celebrate my little guy birthday. Thank you Icash. You guys rock #icash.

Rachel D. - Ottawa, Ontario


Unexpected Job Crisis.

My boss laid me off my pay cheque bounced my girlfriend's birthday was a week after and I was scrounging for money icash gave me a loan to help me through.

Chris M. - Calgary, Alberta


Everyday Needs.

We were in a bit of a bind and having 3 kids my main concern is always food. I had to choose between gas to get to work or groceries. Talk about stressed out! I exhausted all options and then found #icashstores. By the following day I was able to buy enough groceries and gas to last till payday. Have to admit #icashstores saved us. Thank you.

Julie H. - Niagara Falls, Ontario

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