Just a little over 6 months ago, iCash launched one of our most popular features: the Cashback program. And in that short time frame, we are thrilled to announce that iCash has now paid out over $200,000 in Cashback to Canadians across the country!

Having been able to provide some much-needed financial help to so many people is both an honor and a passion. We are proud of what we do, who we are, and how much we are able to help.

So often we are asked questions such as “are you guys legit?”, “is this a scam?”, or “how do I know I can trust you?”. These are all very valid questions. We live in a day and age where it is very important to be careful with whom you share your personal and financial information. However, after seeing such a huge amount of money being paid out to regular, everyday Canadians, the questions seem to answer themselves! Yes, iCash is legit. No, this is not a scam. And yes, you can trust us because we have already helped many Canadians who can attest to our trustworthiness.

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In June of 2018, iCash launched its innovative Cashback program and it has been gaining rapid popularity ever since. The idea stemmed from our desire to give back to our loyal customers. We understood that breaking the cycle of debt is difficult and this was meant to be our way of helping our clients break that cycle. We also wanted a way to show our clients just how much we appreciated their loyalty and trust. iCash knows that trust must be earned and we have been earning the trust of more and more Canadians daily. We wanted to simply say a huge “thank you” and this seemed to be a great way to do that.


The premise is simple, really. iCash gives back a percentage on the cost of borrowing for every loan repaid on time. How easy is that? For every loan repaid on time, you add a percentage on the cost of borrowing to your Cashback account. Once the account reaches a minimum of $20, you can request your Cashback to be sent to you via eTransfer.

There are no catches or fine print. iCash makes sure that every aspect of our business dealings is done transparently and ethically. For more information about our responsible lending practices and our Code of Conduct, see here.


The percentage rate varies depending on the level that has been achieved by the borrower. What this means is, your percentage amount can go up the more times you successfully pay off your loans on time. Elite Membership is the starting level membership and our Elite members receive 5% in Cashback on the cost of borrowing. Once you have paid back 10 loans on time, your membership automatically gets upgraded to Prestige level. Our Prestige level members enjoy a Cashback percentage of 10%! And, for our most loyal customers, iCash has a VIP level for members that have paid off their 20th loan on time. Our VIPs receive an astounding 20% in Cashback on their cost of borrowing! The Cashback rewards can really start to add up quickly at that point!


Absolutely! Loyalty programs are always about more than just cash. iCash believes in treating all customers with friendly, ethical service and offering the best customer experience possible. Here are the perks that go along with each level of membership:

• Elite Member: In addition to receiving 5% in Cashback, our Elite members benefit from a host of other perks. Firstly, iCash is proud to offer a guaranteed 5-day grace period before our customers need to begin paying back their loan. This benefit allows for a bit of breathing room between the financial crisis and the beginning of the repayments. iCash understands that it takes more than a day or two to get back on track after a financial emergency. Elite members are also able to apply for an iCash installment loan which allows up to 3 repayments (depending on your pay frequency) for the same interest rate. This feature is unique in Canada and is one of the reasons why Canadians are turning more and more towards iCash for their borrowing needs.

• Prestige Member: In addition to receiving 10% in Cashback, our Prestige members are able to access faster re-loans. The same business day as the last payment, our Prestige members are allowed to reloan, which is a benefit that is often quite handy! iCash also offers guaranteed e-transfers even on weekends to this level of membership. iCash understands that emergency situations don’t take breaks on weekends! And, of course, all of the benefits of Elite membership are still available at the Prestige level!

• VIP: This is our highest level of membership. As previously mentioned, our VIP members benefit from 20% in Cashback on the cost of borrowing. They also have access to all of the Elite and Prestige level benefits (obviously!). But the most impressive perks at this level are the personalized services that are now available. Our VIP members can enjoy access to a personalized service 7 days a week plus access to a personal financial coach to help get them back on the road to financial wellness. How impressive is that! VIP membership is definitely worth attaining!

We are so very proud of how we have been serving Canada over the past couple of years and we simply love that we have been able to give something back to our customers in our Cashback program. If you are in any kind of financial emergency, regardless of your credit rating, you can apply here: icash.ca. iCash accepts people on ODSP, OW, and Child Tax as we believe that everyone should have access to credit if needed. We are glad to help, you only need to reach out!

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