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Credit Score vs. Credit Report: The Differences and  Their Importance

Credit Score vs. Credit Report: The Differences and Their Importance

Discover the differences between credit scores and credit reports, their importance, and how monitoring both can enhance your financial health. Learn tips to improve your credit with iCash!

Line of credit vs. credit card

Line of Credit vs. Credit Card: What’s the Difference?

Get to know the key differences between lines of credit and credit cards. Learn about their unique benefits and how to use each to manage expenses effectively.

getting the keys to new apartment

Canada's New “Renters’ Bill of Rights” Might Change Your Credit Score

Are you a renter in Canada? See how Canada's Renters' Bill of Rights could impact your credit score and why your rent payments are more important than ever. Read now!

client looking at credit score to get a loan

Tips to Improve Your Credit Score for Better Loan Terms

Get tips to improve your credit score and secure better loan terms. Learn how to build a solid payment history, reduce debt, and diversify your credit!

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What Are Canada's Laws on Overdraft Fees?

Understand your legal rights regarding overdraft fees in Canada with this guide from iCash. Learn best practices to minimize or avoid them altogether.

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Broken a Lease? Learn How it Can Affect Your Credit Score

Worried that breaking your lease could affect your credit score? Find out more from the experts at iCash and learn how to prevent it altogether.


How NSF Fees Affect Your Credit Score

Have NSF fees indirectly impacted your credit score? Learn how to avoid this mistake again and quickly rebuild your credit with tips from iCash.


Does Paying Rent Late Affect Your Credit Score in Canada?

Find out if paying rent late affects your credit score in Canada. Learn how missed rent payments can impact your creditworthiness and what steps you can take to minimize the damage


Can You Raise Your Credit Score By 100 Points Overnight In Canada?

Raising your credit score by 100 points overnight is tough, but there are ways to improve it. Our blog explains why, and offers tips for improving your score over time!


How Opening A Bank Account Affects Your Credit Score In Canada

Does opening a bank account affect your credit score in Canada? Find out in our blog, which explains the relationship between bank accounts and credit scores.


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