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Need a payday loan in Winkler? These short-term loans can be a lifesaver in tough economic times. They can also be an effective way of getting quick cash to help with unexpected bills, emergency expenses, and more.

Winkler residents can get payday loans of up to $1,500 in 30 minutes from reputable direct lenders. These loans take just minutes to apply for, and you can get instant approval.

Online loans in Manitoba have no collateral requirement. You receive the loan funds and then repay the loan – principal plus interest – usually from your next paycheck or pay period.

These cash loans were previously only available from payday loan stores and often only in major cities. There was a lot of wasted time in travel, time waiting around at the lender, paperwork, and documentation requirements.

With high credit score requirements, a lengthy approval process, high rejection rates, and many other hoops to jump through, getting a quick cash loan was extremely difficult.

Fortunately, the Canadian lender iCash provides loans to Winkler residents' to help with their financial needs. With flexible repayment terms and loan amounts, iCash provides quick payday loans.

The lending process at iCash is simple and convenient. From application to funds delivery, everything can be handled online – there's no need to visit an office, mail documents.

Most iCash customers complete their application in under 10 minutes and get an approval decision in just minutes more. If you choose the e-Transfer option for your funds, you can even get the money in just a few minutes. Just think – in less than a half-hour, you could have the answer to your financial problems!

We have a fully-staffed Customer Experience Advisor team that can answer your questions or help you with your application.

We don't have minimum credit score requirements for our loans in Winkler. A credit check is performed during the approval process, but we don't disqualify anyone based on a low credit score. When you choose iCash for loans for low credit, you're not only getting an easy and quick experience but a safe and secure one.

We know how important it is to keep your personal and financial information safe. That's why we've invested heavily in advanced AES-256 encryption technology. It's all part of our commitment to not just being a lender, but a trusted lender, for our customers in Winkler and beyond.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical, responsible, transparent lender. There are no hidden fees and no surprises. iCash distinguishes itself from the competition by being a certified, licensed online loan company in Canada.

We're licensed by both the Canadian government and every province where we operate, including Manitoba. That means that residents of Winkler benefit from the regulatory protections of federal and provincial laws.

If you need a payday loan in Winkler, look no further than iCash!

Best Payday Loans in Winkler

Convenience and Speed

Your time is valuable – don't waste it stuck on the phone, visiting an office, or making repeated trips to the bank when you need a payday loan. With iCash, you can complete the entire process of obtaining a loan, including getting funding, in a half-hour or less in many cases!

iCash is lending for the 21st century – fast, online, simple, reliable, and transparent.


You're a unique person, and your financial needs are individual to you. We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to short-term lending. iCash offers flexible installment loans in Canada.

What's more, we don't charge extra interest or fees if you choose one or multiple installments plans*.


Your financial information remains secure thanks to advanced data encryption technology. It's also protected once it's on iCash's end of things, with rigorous and strict internal data security controls and policies. We aim to treat your personal information as if it were our own, with the same care, discretion, and protection.

A Lender You Can Trust

You know you can trust iCash because we are fully licensed and certified. Most of our competitors are not. The Canadian government certification, coupled with our Manitoba license, ensures that we uphold the highest regulatory standards in our lending practices.

All Types of Credit Accepted

You're not alone if you worry that bad credit will keep you from getting a loan. With many traditional lenders, a credit score below a certain threshold immediately disqualifies your application. That's not the case with iCash.

While we do look at your credit score, it's just one of many factors in our approval decision. We know that a number doesn't tell the whole story, so we don't treat it as the be-all and end-all, either. That's just another way iCash is committed to fair and responsible lending.

iCash is committed to being the number #1 unsecured lender in Winkler and Manitoba.

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iCash is a member of the Canadian Consumer Finance Association.
iCash uses TransUnion technology to improve our lending solutions.
iCash uses Interac e-Transfer to send loans to our customers.
iCash uses Equifax technology to improve our lending solutions.
iCash is owned by women and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Behind each review is an experience that matters

Since 2016 we have happily served over half a million customers.

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How to get a payday loan in Winkler


Apply Online

Getting an online loan with us is fast and easy. Simply select your loan amount, repayment plan* and provide some personal details.

Sign up and apply online or on our app.

Instant Decision

Our online loan application will tell you if you’re approved instantly. Once approved, all you have to do is electronically sign your contract. It’s that easy!

Get a decision instantly after completing our paperless loan application.

Get Funds

Once you sign your digital agreement, your cash advance will be sent by e-Transfer within 2 minutes. Fast, convenient and hassle-free. Funds are sent 24/7, no matter what.

Receive your money by e-Transfer within minutes of signing your agreement.

Get up to 20% in Cashback

Earn money every time you borrow with iCash! Our unique cashback program is designed to reward you for being a loyal customer and can help you save on future loan payments. After successfully paying off your first online loan, you'll receive 5% of the cost of borrowing credited to your account. You can earn up to 20% depending on how many iCash loans you have repaid.

Earn up to 20% cashback* on the cost of borrowing when you repay your iCash loan.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the nearest store?
iCash is an online licensed direct lender since 2016. Apply from our iOS or Android mobile application by searching "" in the mobile store, sign your contract electronically, and get an e-Transfer in 2 minutes!
For Nova Scotia residents, you can also go visit our store located at 185 Windmill Road, Dartmouth, NS, B3A 1E3.
For PEI residents, you can also visit our store located at 119 Queen Street, C1A 4B3, office 306.
The fastest method to obtain a loan remains applying online, no documents required and an e-Transfer within 2 minutes after the contract signature.

Have more questions? Check out our full FAQ.

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