Payday Loans in Ottawa

iCASH is the #1 alternative payday lender for Ottawa, Ontario


Your Personal Loan Solution

As the capital of Canada, Canadians look to Ottawa as a leader of our nation. And iCASH could not be prouder of the fact that Ottawans are turning to us for all their payday loan and cash advance needs.

There are many different reasons why residents of Ottawa would need access to some quick emergency funds. When your car unexpectedly breaks down and requires a mechanic, or your sudden toothache requires immediate dental attention, or even something as simple as overspending and falling short on the rent bill this month, you need to know that a trustworthy payday lender is available. iCASH is rapidly establishing itself as the number one choice of alternative lender for Ottawa to turn to in these types of emergency situations.

Our team at iCASH has made the process of accessing these emergency funds, in Ottawa, as hassle-free and smooth as possible. Our payday loan and cash advance application process is 100% online and is accessible 24/7. And, if you should have any questions during your application process, our team of Customer Experience Advisors are available to assist you during Ottawa business hours.

Not only are we accessible and hassle-free, but iCASH has positioned itself nationally as a transparent, responsible and fair-lending financial industry leader. Our Code of Conduct is based on the European model using honest and trustworthy principles surrounding all of our lending practices. We are a direct lender and we are licensed to operate in Ottawa, as well as the rest of Ontario.

Top 3 reasons that Ottawa is choosing iCASH:

Bad Credit

iCASH understands that you may have, at one point in your history, made some mistakes when it comes to your finances. We understand that it then becomes harder and harder to find access to reliable and trustworthy lenders, especially on the web. While we do look at your credit score, your bad credit is not the deciding factor in our loan decision. We look at, first and foremost, your ability to repay the loan.


Our iCASH online application is processed in real-time and we do not need you to drive around Ottawa to get signatures on our contracts. We do not require any faxing, mailing, or in-person signing. We let our technology cut out all that red tape!

Instant pre-approval

In the majority of our Ottawa residents’ cases, our sophisticated decision-making system allows you to receive an answer to your loan application almost instantaneously. And, in most cases, the funds can be deposited same day. No more waiting days or weeks to settle that financial emergency that requires immediate action!

From Eastview, to Nepean and from Gloucester to Richmond, iCASH is making sure that everyone in the Regional Municipality of Ottawa has access to safer, smarter and simpler solutions for all of their financial needs.